Chicago Aldermen Seek To Close Loophole In 2014 Anti-Puppy Mill Ordinance


Puppy Mill band could be closed as soon as this week. Chicago has a law that says pet shops can only sell dogs and cats from rescue shelters and not commercial breeders. But Alderman Brian Hopkins says some puppy mills set up sham rescue organizations and his ordinance would block those operations. Not only are they not treated as pets, most of them don't even have names. Their agricultural commodities. They're treated like pigs being raised for bacon but finally getting a chance to speak. Stephanie Boram, co owner of Pocket Puppies, insisted there's no sham ruffians are not required to provide disclosures, I sources We radio and we didn't really do that. So there's a loop hole. There's no fraud. The problem was that after the rescue motto should be put out of business for doing a butter with stricter controls. Still, aldermen approved. The ordinance, she said, would shut her business down. It goes now to the full council. Craig Della. More news Radio, 105.9 FM Charges have been filed in the

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