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Let's kick things off. and. Let's start sort of sort of closer to home of the three of us come from different parts of the country and different experiences. all around, but Let's start here in the mid and just kind of round. Robin sort to work our way out so tom that you kick it off. Of your favorite One of your favorite Midwest airports. Sure well. Obviously, we all. We all know and love wittman regional airport here in here in oshkosh which. A lot of people don't get to experience during the other fifty one weeks of the year, but it's a very vibrant little airport on I guess it's kind of unique in that you know we have this giant runway lay out that. You know in in many ways serves the needs of the tenants airport, but also another ways you know uniquely serves the needs of Va.. So it's, it's a very big airport for. For what it is, that's kind of neat but. But yeah kind of going a little farther afield of of. I all A- Wisconsin That is sixty three Charlie if I remember correctly. I look. Central County, airport. Is a little grass strip about twenty miles thirty miles, maybe north west of of Oshkosh. That has three grass runways including one. That actually has a parallel grass taxiway. And plenty of space departure airplanes, they even have a little bit of a campsite with a with a fire ring and. Some showers that are available and stuff like that, so you can come in and camp but it is the absolute epitome of a grassroots airport, and the really neat thing that they do at Iowa is on every Friday. They host a lunch for members of the community as well as members of the classic car community locally. And just fly in there pay a couple of bucks for lunch and on a good day in the summer you'll see I think their record is similar north of eighty airplanes. So that's like a really really amazing annual fly in that we do every every week up here. That place really is so much fun. like you said multiple grass runways and number one. When you when you told me that you're you're airstrip. Airport has a grass runway. You know already sold when tell me has more than one than I. Just swoon a little bit. That's so cool and they've got their. Big Open sort of hangar style clubhouse, and there's a million airplane models hanging from the ceiling and pictures all around all kinds of cool history, and you know a great cast of characters. Food is always amazing. Now one thing that Tom United talked about this before, and we've. We've been up there. Many times in order for them to to make this work into serve food without necessarily. Having to call themselves restaurant you know they're still. They still have To adhere to and everything of course, but basically you join. The is the Central County Sport Flyers. Central, county flyers associated. Center County Flyers, association, and a lifetime membership is something like eleven dollars, and so you get there? You show your membership card, and then you are part of the Social Club and you can, you can eat at. Boy It's it's well worth it. You still pay for the lunch. But, just a just a blast to go up there. See what kind of airplanes come in. You mentioned classic cars being a big thing up there. One of the biggest car shows in the country, if not the biggest actually held up there, and I allowed kind of out of the way out of the way spot and that culture pervades around. I think so many of us who love airplanes can appreciate. Cars and motorcycles and other vintage machinery, to yeah, and you mentioned the CL-. The Central County Flyers. Association I believe under Wisconsin Law. If you're in a social club, it has to have some kind of a common purpose so in order to join the Central County Fires Association you must. Attest that you are dedicated to the promotion of General Aviation. That is something that I don't think any of us would have any trouble doing. and. I'm willing to go on record. Yes, we can. We can manage that. So Chris, how about you? What what are you got in the Mid West you like, so? I'M GONNA turn slightly south and talk about the fond lack airport Fund lack airport. I spent a couple of days at it a couple of weeks ago because they let a stage, the Huey there as we're moving our new edition into the museum. And I didn't realize how busy that little airport is that we had a couple really nice clear days and I was blown away. That was a that was. A Busier airport does few days. I, was there, but what really stands out for me is the early trips when I would come from Pennsylvania to hear you know fund. Lack was the first. SORTA signed. That something was different. You heading towards something great, you know you're you're coming up forty one. It's just on the left side of forty one and like you'd go by this normal general aviation look airport and there'd be like a hell diver sitting next to the road. See. You knew that like that's not normal. You know and there'd be a Corsair there or and. It was it was basically overflow for the show and They basically had their own air show down there. I mean you just walk around looking at some of the coupons just park down there either you know someone rides or waiting their turn to get into the field here Nash cash in but it was always that I like I remember. It was probably pretty dangerous because we would always likes trainer. I'm probably not pay close attention to the roads. We should pass and fond lack airport just to. See what was out, and what was there and it really really helped peak the excitement of close out ten hour trip

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