Hour 3 - (06-16-20) - burst 03


Roster and there's a lot going on here. Commissioner was on with Mike Greenberg last night. It was an ESPN sportscenter. Special the return of sports and Roger Goodell said that they expect positive Cova test well, they should. He also talked about Colin. Kaepernick and I do believe this commissioner realizes the importance of capper Nick. And the Commissioners Legacy? He had this to say about teams signing cabinet if he wants to resume his career in the NFL that obviously is going to take a team to make that decision voter I welcome that support the making decision and encourage them to do that if his efforts are not on the field, but continuing to work in this space. We welcome to that to that Table End. Be Able to help US guide us. Help us make decisions about the kinds of things need to be done in communities. Why didn't he welcome it before? He's the commissioner of the NFL. Welcoming it. And I've said this and I firmly believe that the NFL reacts. They don't act there waiting to see how the winds are blowing here, but are you. How do you encourage them to sign Colin Kaepernick? Here's another item and we brought this up when Tim Tebow came back

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