#465 - Michael Regilio and Black Lives Matter



But a long time since I got to say this. So I'm excited to say in right now. I gotta get it ready because he loves it so much for the first time in What is it three months? Join me in welcoming in Studio Mike originally. I wish I could say I'm scared. I'm scared of the microphone. I'm scared of you. THANKS FOR COMING IN A BUBBLE I appreciate it. We've actually think it's a pretty interesting precautions out here I literally sprayed down every. Handle you could possibly touch with with this stuff? Actually they're not a sponsor, but I do want to let people know. It's called micro ban. And it's a twenty four hour spray actually keeps killing bacteria for up to twenty nine from the twenty four hours ninety nine point nine percent, so you can just spray it on stuff and walk away. have to wipe it down. It doesn't do any damage to anything. It's been awesome. It's called Micro Ben. I got a bunch of cans and on spray stuff down times a week. We've been really safe about that. Should I drink it Trump trump does, but I wouldn't recommend. Yeah, we were just joking before. The show started like if you could create a show right now called. white people, saying dumb stuff on camera, and you would not content anytime soon like you could like tosh point. Oh version of it where you just boom. You just hammer out the content. There is so much stuff going on right now. What would you say how to lose your job or something to lose your job in three sentences or less? It's. You think they would learn at some point that it's not gonNa work out and I. Don't I don't get it. Yeah, well to be fair, you could have a show just called people saying stupid stuff on camera and you. You'd have run out. White people makes it so much funnier l., of course especially right now there's a there's a guy. I think he will work that. He was a court administrator and again. It's hard to keep track of all this. If you would just be writing stuff down all day nonstop if you're gonNA talk about it, but I I was watching I think it was take talk at first, and then I ended up seeing on Youtube, and then I saw the news cover it where there was this court administrator who was walking along a park fence, and he was pulling signs down. That were supportive of black lives matter. That children had made at the park and he was ripping them down and one could make the argument. You know it's a public park. Don't deface it with your message, right or whatever? He didn't even say that. This woman just yelled out from her car. Black lives matter and he turns to her and screams not to me, they don't. We're going. Well thanks for being. Know exactly who to fire, you know he didn't even try to couch it. In this I'm protecting public properties that no, it was just not to me. They don't. I want you to respond to that because while you're doing that. I'm going to look at something before I out this Guy for what he actually said. Well I had. My thought is what is gained. What is gained? We see this all the time guy attack. Some eighteen year old, holding a black lives matter sign on a bike trail. This guy's tearing down the signs. What do you really think you're doing? Do you think your your? You're hampering the movement, your score and one for your team doing nothing. You're only hurting yourself. It's just a little sign. A particularly one done by children, which are amazing by the way because I live in Silverlake California, and just everywhere you go, it's. Children's signs hanging up. It's obvious that the families are like you know trying to be involved. They want to get the kids involved. But I see a lot of glitter paint and a lot of children's handwriting on the signs around my neighborhood. Which I think is is lovely. One Kit used. Little Letter Bill Letter blocks that you get the plastic ones, and he glued them to the sign Blm, cute, very cute, cute signs around my neighborhood so one guy that I really don't understand and I didn't even plan on talking about him. That's why it's. The pop thought popped into my head and I thought open instagram to see. You guys know I'm into a UFC and fights, and all just Ken shamrock on the show a huge honor. I? Was scrolling through Tito Ortiz. This is instagram post? And I was a huge fan of that guy I, mean he? He was massive back in the day. And I come across his post that I had to stare at for several seconds just to make sure I knew what I was looking at, and he used the Hashtag when black lives don't matter. K. and I'm going no Tito. No, no, no, no, no, what what? What is this? And it was just a video of a a protester smashing out a window or something do some terrible. Who they even a protester only consider that a protester I would say there was. Riot or could be an antique. Thing could be a far right activists. The protests look bad. We don't know we found both at Deford different demonstrations and there's also, but why would that make black lives not mad? What are you talking about? I am shocked and then I'm scrolling through his feed now that says George Floyd was a

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