San Francisco Giants Announce Fan Cutout Program for Games at Oracle Park


When the San Francisco Giants are actually able to play ball in twenty twenty they're gonna have to do so without fans in attendance but that doesn't mean that fans won't have a presence at the game as the team announced their giants fan cut out program it's an opportunity for fans to send in an image of themselves to be placed on to a weather proof cardboard cutout that will be displayed in the stands the program is free for season ticket holders and will be is pleased to their actual seat as possible and for non season ticket holders you won't be left out you can purchase a cut out for the cost of ninety nine dollars it'll be fun to see how giants fans get creative with this is you could have a cut out of Nancy Pelosi sitting right next to Donald Trump or as Stan Bunger pointed out maybe get your favorite Dodgers fan with the scale on their face and put that up in the Giants Stadium however fans choose to express themselves this is a really cool move by the San Francisco Giants to help fans feel connected well they aren't able to attend games earlier this week Manchester United of the English premier league use photos of over forty thousand fans which they stitched together into a collage and made into a banner which was draped over the empty seats for their first home game since the pandemic started

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