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Ahmaud Arbery: Georgia attorney general requests federal investigation into handling of the case


The state Attorney General of Georgia he's asking the justice department to investigate how local police and prosecutors handled the February shooting death of black jogger Ahmad Arbury from member station W. A. B. E. Emily green has more Attorney General Chris Carr says the public deserves a complete and transparent review of how the case was handled for more than two months police and prosecutors did not arrest and charge the two white men who admitted to authorities they shot our brie while he was out jogging critics say the police were trying to protect one of their own because one of the defendants have been a police officer and an investigator in the district attorney's office the case languished with three district attorneys before the Georgia bureau of investigation arrested the men state Attorney General Carr is asking the DOJ to look into communications between the prosecutors who recused himself from the case for NPR news I'm Emily green in

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