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A function of the original sin of the macbook escape of like thinking. It was the air replacement it really wasn't and then they brought the air back And it feels to me. I don't know about you but it feels to me. A little bit. Like apple is doing kind of like the keeping everything going but maybe it changes in the offing. Right like if the arm processor rumors are true. Like Y. Revamp your product line. Now when you're going to revamp your product line in a year and I guess all right so let me put a pin in seconds and come back around to it from where I'm going to say. Which is that. The MAC book pro. Branding is a mess right now. It's a mess because there were three laptops. That a fair very different. But they're all named pro right the sixteen inch macbook pro. May as well BE DIFFERENT COMPUTER. Like it is different to the other macbook pros the macbook air is to that right like are shed things but score a completely different internal architecture. It has a big screen for its body right like the that is a modern. The MOST MODERN LAPTOP TO APPLE MAKES. But then there's another maqbool pro and another macbook. Pro and are all different from each other and one of them is closer to the macbook air and so the act book pro branding is is messed up right now. So but that comes back to what you were just saying like. Well what if there is? An we know that the transition is coming. We don't know where it's going to start sin right like what what products are going to be affected so you start looking at what's available right and you think yourself. Well we know we all come into round to the idea although keep the I mac pro because the I'm at will become Right like that seems like a possibility. And then there'll be a laptop. We expect it to be like a macbook air right like a laptop. But what if there's a Mac pro this arm pallid and it's going to be different to the sixteen inch and the reason they that. The sixty inch is because apple want to have for their pro customers the most powerful machines in architecture. They already know so. Yeah Mac pro stays until the MAC pro stays Intel and the sixteen inch map book pro which is always going to be the most powerful one stays. Intel and that's going to be a longer period of time but everything else moved to With in two thousand twenty one. So if that's the case don't blow your new designed macbook pro fourteen inch on the Intel chip. Wait and do it on the May be could be but it does. It does feel like there are too many products. That aren't well differentiated. There are too many macbook pros earl. Two different mess right. Yeah Yeah I think that's right. I think that's right I do. I do wonder about the macbook air. Only because it's a very popular computer so you would think that an arm MAC book air would make a lot of sense. I also watched as apple tried to kill it and failed and it came back You would think that they could make a thin light macbook style twelve inch macbook style laptop on arm and it would be great but that laptop didn't didn't sell so well and they brought the air back and so. I'm not sure they're going to do anything other than keep the air around wafer shot whoever's in charge of this Miam- laptop macbook air because when our when apple make the move on. This isn't like

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