What You Need to Know Before Rehiring Former Employees


Who should get priority when it comes to getting their jobs back LA county supervisors gonna be talking about that today specifically when it comes to hospitality workers can extend seventies Craig Victor has that part of our coverage well as hospitality workers say Hey that we're we're we're the ones who were laid off we should get the jobs back first when those hotels begin to re hire and today the LA County Board of supervisors will take up what's known as the right to recall ordinance and slightly it's likely going to pass and if it does when hotels do begin to re open and re hire workers in unincorporated LA county the workers who were laid off at hotels with at least fifty rooms or more those workers will be first in line for their jobs back holidays the whole nine yards right and it's important that that the workers who built those standards are also the workers that go back to those standards when our economy recovers that's one labor leader in an online town hall kind of explaining this to people and how it would work the city of LA passed a very similar ordinance last month the city of Long Beach gonna take one up later this

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