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What Would It Be Like To Fall Into A Black Hole?



Of all the objects bopping around in our universe. Few are as bizarre and enigmatic as black holes just ask PREETI nitrogen. It's like the point where all known laws of physics breakdown. She's an astrophysicist. At Yale University studying extremely cool cosmological phenomena like black holes so for me the personal attraction the gravitational pull pun intended to wear black hole is really is they kind of represent the limits of knowledge because way before black holes were mapped studied their picture. Taking you may remember that famous image from last year black holes were just an idea a mathematical solution to Einstein's theory of general relativity. So you know. Newton was able to tell us how gravity worked but Newton could not tell us why gravity is that way Einstein was able to come up with this beautiful theory that combined the shape of space matter and motion into one theory. The theory of general relativity absolutely theory of general relativity does exactly that so it was just incredible sort of deep connection that he found between the shape of space matter and motion and therefore masses would distort space time which he envisioned as a four dimensional. Kind of fabric a sheet. So picture our universe as a 4-d fabric fusing space and time and the fabric is bumpy dotted with planets and other kinds of matter. And what matter does it causes little potholes in these. You drop mass somewhere to create a pothole and the size of the pothole. The depth of the pothole depends on the mass of the object and how tightly packed the matter is in that object okay. Massive caused distortion space. Time but astrophysicists building off this work. What happens when you have an object whose mass is so compact that the pothole becomes a puncture in the fabric of Space Time itself? And so the buckwald solution is one of the simplest solutions to these very complex equations. Which was the shape of space around really concentrated kind of point mass and the extreme pothole that such a mass would generate around itself and we now know. The Universe is filled with billions and billions

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