Authorities Receive List Of Demands From Increasingly Hostile Coronavirus

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A disturbing new developments in the fight against Covid Nineteen. That is apparently left. Authorities stunned the morning officials from the F. B. I. announced that the increasingly aggressive corona virus had issued a list of demands that they must fulfil within twenty four hours or else. Here's FBI. Spokesperson. Eric read on the virus demands. Today we received a ten page list of demands from the novel. Coronavirus which has demanded the following the destruction of all available pe free rein within nursing homes and a mass disposal of all hand sanitizer if these demands are not met another three thousand die tomorrow joining me now to unpack all this is. Npr senior correspondent. Marcy Hammond Marcy. This is extremely disturbing news. It is Lesley and it indicates that the novel Corona Virus is getting bolder by the second in addition to those demands laid out by the FBI. The coronavirus is also reportedly demanding. The release of political prisoners ties to the virus such as Bulla polio smallpox and the bubonic plague but according to read the window for negotiations may have already closed. Already opened up. Several states disbanded the coronavirus task force and even given the virus access to the White House in an act of good faked but despite these efforts to reach a peaceful outcome covid has only become more violent and erratic. At this point we are beyond compromise and we will not be negotiating with the virus further. Wow now read mentioned the virus becoming more erratic radic. What exactly did he mean there. Well yesterday at Mount Sinai Hospital hostage. Negotiator Tony Kemp attempted to de-escalate the ongoing situation. But that's when the virus upped the stakes and ordered the government to hand over twenty million dollars in unmarked bills as well as a passenger plane. Filled with temperature regulated human hosts and. That's when things took a turn for the worse. Take a listen to the exchange stand-down patients go now and this can still. Oh God throwing the ventilators out the window cover. That's it I've got an armed officers then. Reportedly opened fire killing several hospital. Patients in the process feeling provoked the virus double down on his previous demands including additional demand for two thousand pizzas because it was quote getting hungry to think. I was just at that hospital for a sec to me I could have been stuck in there with all those people Morsi. What's the last resort here does the US plan to send a SWAT team or create a vaccine. Well not yet. Researchers are working furiously on a vaccine but upon learning the news. The virus didn't seem at all concerned released the following message quote. Ha Good luck with your vaccine. By the time it gets out of clinical trials in six months to a year. I'll be sitting on a beach in Morocco and will have mutated into something far worse. Chilling News. Please keep us updated on this terrifying situation. Certainly that's OPR's Marcy Hammond back. In a

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