Knock and Announce



In two thousand fourteen, a woman was pulled over by Myrtle beach police in Myrtle beach South Carolina. The woman was black and the police said they pulled over because of a tail light. They found a small amount of marijuana in her car and she was given the option to avoid charges if she told them where she got marijuana. As one officer later put it, she was asked quote who she knows. She, says she did know someone, but she didn't know his full name. She only knew him as Jules. My name is Julian bitten and right now. I'm in a Conway South Carolina. The police drove the woman to Julian Buttons apartment. They wired her with a hidden video camera and audio recorder, and then they gave her a hundred dollars and told her ass. Julian button to sell her marijuana. Julian is black and in two thousand fifteen. He was thirty years old. It was a friend of Mario de time girlfriend it was. She had some problems after father who died, so she had a medical discharge from the military. And she had asked me for some and I gave her some in first, and they told her to come back and buy from me, so that's what she did. The woman came out with what police recorded as approximately seven grams of marijuana. She'd done what the officers asked her to do, but something had gone wrong with the video recording. So they waited a few weeks, gave her hundred more dollars and drove her back to Julian Ben's house. What I didn't expect her to come back and buy. That was kind of strange that she came back and wanted to buy was like okay. We'll hear what that's not naming. are this ain't something is going become a habit? She would for her because I knew her situation I don't know I think I think she was pretty much more scared than anything when police stopped. If, they if she didn't give some if she didn't give a person gave. It's award that she was going to go to jail and Louis, her military benefits. On the second visit. The woman bought approximately eight grams. And there a video recording. This gave officers from the Fifteenth Circuit Drug Enforcement Unit probable cause to get a search warrant for Julian Ben's apartment. The Fifteenth Circuit Drug, enforcement. Unit pulls together. Officers for multiple police departments across Ori- and Georgetown counties in South Carolina. It stated intention is to create a multi jurisdictional multi-agency task force to address major drug enterprises. When you look at the operational plan, the Drug Enforcement Unit created for their search of Julian Buttons apartment. The first thing you see is their insignia. Large drawing of a skull and crossbones in front of a marijuana leaf. There's also a sword and a lightning bolt. Underneath that her a sort of motto. Serving Our community. One dealer at a time. I'm phoebe judge. This is criminal. Julian vet lived in a building with four apartments in Myrtle beach. On April sixteenth two thousand fifteen. Just before three o'clock in the afternoon, his next door neighbor Santos Garcia was outside working on his moped. Julie Ben was inside playing video games. Julian pause the game to go to the bathroom. And upon coming out of my bathroom, I hear, allow bone and I'm thinking my name upstairs. Neighborhood dropped something. That's all heard. Was it would okay? What are you doing? Upstairs was kind of a thought, but as I'm looking up getting ready to say that my aparicio's se objects coming at me in my living room. So, I'm trying to process de step back and reach for my gun because it was terrifying with the hell. Is this and I mean it was just a reflex. Be Reaching for my first first thing defense. Did you hear a knock debate. Announce themselves. No no, not at all. No. The next door neighbor cintos Garcia said that he'd been standing there and all of a sudden several cars appeared. He, said quote. A white car pulled up into my front yard. Right in front of me. One of the men who got out of it pointed a rifle directly at me. I was told to get down and I immediately did. I was five feet from Julian's front porch and door. Without stopping several of the men who had just arrived immediately went up into Julian's front porch and bastion his door. None of the men announced that they were police. no-one knocked on his door. No one waited any period of time for him to come to the door. And then Santos. Garcia said within two seconds of the men bashing Julian's door. I heard multiple gunshots that sounded like automatic weapons.

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