Stalked by a Deer - #604


And I'm Barbara. We are gutless this week. In my heart. He I know he took last week off for like a little vacation and I think. Maybe he just wanted to extend it into today. Also did that. Hurt anyone else's ear drums massively, or is it just me? I didn't hit shit. I just lower my volume on everything so I didn't hear it as loud all I. Know is at the beginning of this, I. Just went into disco to Mu to Jessica, but. Can you hear me you fucking? Piece of Shit. Now. So. Are we going to talk about the topic of the day? ARMADILLOS ARMADILLOS All right well. I'M GONNA. Crack a beer for that one. Go ahead. Chris well I I came in. Continue Y'all. We're talking about Armadillos and whether or not we're talk about him and I said Yeah. Let's talk about them right I don't know what was there and talk about well I had a moment earlier with Eric where he sent me the link to diss. Joined to the PODCAST, and we could see each other spaces and the conversation before that was just stacks of other links so I was like. Man. This is what we talk about. Eric and it's just like links to vima six. So he was like throwing out suggestions if the other things that we could talk about so. We, so we started talking about Armadillos and I said. Maybe we should just stick to the links and that was it. We just ended it right there, but I haven't seen a living Armadillo area you haven't. Ever, maybe zoo, but never just allen about a senior. ARMADILLOS! Do every zoo lean. I don't think every animals in Zulu Kazan. There would be. That'd be like hundreds of thousands of animals. Don't have hamsters. Exactly Into, what? They should have armadillos in. British, zoos well, that was the thing. I went to a German sue once with meg and she was like Oh. My God. A bunch of raccoons into this enclosure and I was like no no raccoons it that's the. Thing that we're looking at raccoons. So according to Google Google, are there armadillos zoos and this is what it says most Armadillos Zoos live longer, which doesn't again answer my question so I. Guess, Yes, there are however the pink fairy armadillo rarely lives more than a few years in zoos, so little is known about the species. There are twenty species of Armadillos by the way in case you're wondering. Wow I won't. Carry Leprosy, they do. Just walking around with a biblical disease. Well, it's like it's like quality carrying media. Yeah, but it's come to committee is still about. We still deal with that. You haven't yeah. Now why I guess no one ever gave the antibiotics to the armadillos. We should there. We should. Did you guys overbearing parents? In Austin. Like wire heiress. Wild Parrots. I go. We're supposed to be talking about armadillos not. Right. Give sorry, tell me about. I they, were base. I'd rather talk about and. Luckily They really are. The other day we'll keep our bills and offering a fire I. think you can bring you the medical. Shoot Armadillo with a gun and it'll bounce the bullet back. Don't. Do this. I'm telling you came up with that. Also come up with you can, you can pull it an earthworm in half, and it becomes to worms so. I actually heard that as a kid. If you, if you like step on or like crusher worm, and it splits into becomes to worms. True! But. Believing that because I think on one end is the mouth and it just like. Just pulls through self on the other. End is just an anus. I don't think it can work backwards unless there is worms so chomping up with their anus, and then puking out the mud, but I'm pretty sure one. Do you have stuff like I taught that as a kid and I believed it up until thirty one years old. Is there anything that you were taught or that? You believed as a child that like you believed for a lot of your life like stuff like if you cross your eyes, someone hits you at the back of the head. Your eyes will stay that way. I was taught that as a kid. Which I know is wrong I remember. The one years to figure that one out. I think question walling. Watermelon seeds swollen gum. I would I would. Either watermelon I learned that from rugrats I believe that for a very long time to this day. Stallone Swan seats I mean you shouldn't, but I mean if you do I forget a little bit but with like slowing some people just well. They're gone like it's method and I'm like I don't want. To be sticky. You're just weird. I don't know. Put debt in. As a kid till someone told me it takes seven years and then I stopped. So I think that's something people made up to get kids. Stop swallowing gum, but to the important topic Texas Man Alive after bullet bounces off Armadillo. A? Twenty fifteen. There's a lot of people in the chat saying. If you shoot Armadillo, kill it, so don't deal, not saying either way. It's bad either. It's going to bounce not Texas man either. You'RE GONNA. Get shot by yourself because bounced back, or you're GONNA kill an armadillos shoot armadillos. If you have a Crayon to shoot and Armadillo. Maybe reconsider the fact that you own a gun. Yeah. Some help with that. But especially don't shoot goes. All. The way to kill an Armadillo you get a machete. Actually wouldn't even know if I had to kill one I would. I don't know how you catch one. When he there did. Leave him. Weren't even those told his kids to buy your parents that. If you put like the car, light on while you're driving. Like, they can't see or like. You're going to get arrested or something like that. Illegal Yeah, ME, too. I think it's like a bit distracting because it does, you can see the reflection of it. You got pulled over for it.

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