Trump targets Bubba Wallace while criticizing NASCAR Confederate flag ban


NASCAR the National Football League Major League baseball now? Trying to figure out how to deal with the latest tweets from President Donald Trump. It was a day ago that he questioned the validity of the bubble Wallace story and wanted Bubble Wallace to apologize for the NASCAR hoax of the noose in his garage, saying that that in the flag situation banning the Confederate flag resulted in low ratings for NASCAR, he went on to talk about How the Indians and Redskins nicknames, which were initially made to show strength should stay nicknames. He went on to reference Elizabeth Warren and you know, and we're off to the races. You know, Doug with this last these tweets the last 24 hours or so when you and I talked about this yesterday, we said, Listen, the best thing to do. Is to ignore this and just move on, because the NFL if they could do it over again from 2017 they certainly would say You know what? We're not going to just start getting scattered because President Trump was tweeting about kneeling football players and Colin Kaepernick. The best thing to do would be to ignore it, because, as we've said, Look, there's political stuff. And this is something that you can't win right and notice. The difference in the responses so far is that when this happened Redskins you know the NFL. Really No one really said anything. You know, it's like we've done this before we've been through this. Roger Goodell put the moment of unity out there, saying that we blew it last time. Let's go forward together. And NASCAR had a bunch of drivers who responded to this because this is something brand new for them and that you know, and we talked about saying, Hey, you know, be ahead of things and just move on. Because you can't win this battle that that's going to go on. If you can continually to engage this.

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