Antisemitic Conspiracy Theories; Coronavirus Resurgence in Israel - burst 03


As The Salsa spread about the death of George Floyd on the protests and demonstrations in the United States then with them reflected in the UK as well. We saw at seeing conspiracy theories. Jews of behind that too, and it's all a plot to divide society and set people against each other, so I think the adaptability of these conspiracy theories. That really is striking. You know that have been people spreading the conspiracy phase about five g mobile phone signals for years in this country. facebook groups dedicated to it. I'm not really paid any attention to them. And then all of a sudden when the coronavirus started spreads. People might linkage between this supposed. Mobile phone signals an causing the the the symptoms of the virus. So. We salted see mobile phone masts being. Damaged and burnt down over seventy different mobile-phone mosques in the UK have been damaged as results of this. And we started to see posts on facebook. Saying how is it? There's no five g mobile five masks in Jewish areas. Because of a study on Semitism his his job is to the alerts on Semitism have always been aware of the danger of conspiracy theories because it's the holidays on Semitism is, but I think nowadays what we're seeing is a much wider recognition of of the danger that these theories compose. To the whole of society, and Actually People's House how people's lives You mentioned it coming from the far right Dave, what about the far left, and is this? Perhaps one thing that's bringing the two sides

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