U.S. considers banning TikTok and other apps, Pompeo says


Of State Mike Pompeo, saying Something's toe Laura Ingraham last night on the Fox News Channel. That the U. S is looking well, let's just put it this way. They're very suspicious of Chinese based social media platforms most prominently right now, Tic Tac. But there are others that they're looking at, and that they're actually concerned that the Chinese are going to be using these APS that people download is kind of info harvesting. Campaigns, and I know that they're kind of pushing back against that. But Ari, come on. You have to be a you know a blind person not to see that it's really easy for them to be able to do exactly what the secretary of state says they were concerned about. No entirely and and Mike Pompeii sees it as ah, a national security threat, which I which I get, but to push back also for the government to kind of intervene and say, Hey, you know, we're gonna end this social media app. I think it's a great area because also, I don't believe it's it's fully a national security threat. But there's no question there are dangers there, and I do think it's you know. Consumer. Buy it. Buyer Beware. You know if you're uploading your information like you need to know that there's a possibility that your information is being used. Now it's kind of a bit on steroids. This's a new conversation. Hey, is your data being used now? Ah, within foreign within foreign foreign governments, intelligence, So that's kind of I think that's going to change the conversation. Whether or not the U. S government is actually going to step forward and going actually legally banned it. I don't think so Well,

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