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The Freedom Class - Why Our Rich Life is Different Than Our Parents with Ramit Sethi


Remit say what's up to fire, nation and share something interesting about yourself that most people don't know it's great to be back. Hi, everybody! My name is Romy, and this was a tough question because it made me realize I. Talk a lot and so one thing. We haven't shared. Is that one of my hardest jobs ever was when I was a soccer referee back as a teenager and it's amazing how hard that job is to be able to process all the different stuff going on on the field, even with six or eight year old or ten year olds and Just think back to that being one of the hardest jobs, but one of my favorites brother I resonate with you in college. I was the intramural soccer referee and I'm telling you. It's just human nature that no matter what the call is half of the people that are out there. Thinking made the wrong call, the other half are just like kind of happy. You made that call, but half the people always think you're wrong. Matter what's although it? It puts some good cash in my pocket. It was still a very difficult job. Exactly so fire nation as I shared in the introduction. We'll be talking all about the freedom class today, because the reality is our rich life is different than our parents and Ramiz does a great eloquent job of explaining this so religious dive on twitter, the signs of a rich life back in our parents generation. You know it's interesting. This I really hit me when. I. Got Engaged, and we went to do registry shopping. And for anyone who's ever done this, you know oftentimes you go to a department store and they take you in the back and they give you this. A SIP of wine, and they kind of make you feel good, and then they give you this little gun you go. It's like a scanner and you scan the things that you want to add to your registry. And for a lot of people, especially in our parents generation, this would really be the dream you know you're. You're in Manhattan. You're sipping some pain and then you go and scan a bunch of stuff. And we went for an hour and a half throughout the store, and we ended up with about three things that we had skin and one of them was a five dollar spatulas. And I realized the things that are parents care about that. We're a rich life signifier to them are so different than they are for us for example back in the day. If you think about your parents having a big house, big status symbol, it really meant you had made it. And that may be true for some of us. But when I was driving through La, recently and I was driving past these huge houses. The first thing I thought was just how much maintenance. For how much cleaning? So big house back in the day. Big Car. Lot of us don't even want cars back in the day club membership China Cabinet Coo. The hell wants a China cabinet. So not to say that they are wrong, but simply that they were for different generation and that maybe our. Signs of a Freedom Class are very different. Are Signs of a rich life are different I. think from speaking to millions of people who are pursuing a different approach. We want freedom flexibility control I don't want to China Cabinet I. Want to be able to buy around a drink for my friends I WANNA be able to travel without having to sort flights by price I want to start by direct, and I want to get on that plane and go as soon as I can. So this is a few things I. Don't want WanNa add onto this. There was coming up for me while you were talking remains number one. It's just that big house obviously. Obviously that was a huge status symbol back in the day, and like you're watching, you know shows like the wonder years. We're not even necessarily back in those days. They have the quote unquote big huge house, but what was everybody always doing? They were always working on their lawn like their lawn had to be perfect. It was like this well manicured lawn just spoke of like this is

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