The 2nd Kardash-icorn Under Armours mega-deal. Facebook is too-big-to-cancel. Cotys Kardashian investment. - burst 1

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Final story. The Unicorn of the day is Kim Kardashian. West Hey K. W. beauty just hit a billion dollar valuation after a two hundred million dollar investment by Cody Cosmetic. Cody stock has fallen eighty five percent in the past five years, but it has invested in Kardashians but I did Justin Holiday Inn Express last night. Before he does three great stories, happy teaboy Tuesday everybody happy Tibo you guys look fantastic out there now smackers venture. Capitalists have real portfolios an anti portfolio. That's right Jackie. Guy Your real portfolio, which are the companies? Actually put money into your actually invested it. And then the anti portfolios are actual companies that you passed on. You didn't invest in. This is the only humble thing venture capitalists do. This Yuba thing was never take off. Yeah,

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