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Redskins, Wlw And Cincinnati discussed on Gary Jeff Walker


News radio 700 wlw radar showing a partly cloudy sky our current temperature 73 degrees. Corona virus Numbers, released this afternoon by the Ohio Department of Health showed 734 new cases over the last 24 hours. No hospitalizations I seeyou emissions and death jumped in that time period. 93 more people with covert 19 were hospitalized, 33 more admitted into the I. C U and 45 new deaths were reported total cases. Ordinary 853,863 in Ohio, have died due to the Corona virus during the ongoing pandemic. No vote was taken by the Forest Hill School district during a special virtual meeting tonight to discuss the future of Anderson High School's nicknamed the Redskins. There's been a growing call for the name to be changed, including an online petition that as of tonight has over 5200 signatures. The board is scheduled to meet again and continue the discussion about a possible name and mascot change Thursday. During tonight's meeting, they discussed the cost of re branding and read letters, one from several past. Board members and another from Cincinnati and double A C P. Both letters calling on the current board to remove him retire. The current nickname Kentucky's governor says wearing a mask is more important. You never know. The sheer noted that with Corona virus cases surging, many states are taking strong measures were seeing Maura and more states out there passing mandatory mask rules. And while we're not there yet, Understand that a mask is the best way. To show that you care about other people on the numbers this year says We remain at a plateau with 282 new cases totaling 15,624 cases. Now he announced five new deaths, so the death toll is now at 565 Kentucky INS I'm Suzanne Duval the Dayton Dragons Louisville bats. Another mindedly baseball teams affiliated with major league teams will not play this season. It's Major League Baseball announced today that they will not Supplied players to their affiliated clubs. Our next update is a 10 o'clock on Sean Gallagher News Radio 700 wlw 700 wlw Cincinnati Available everywhere with the

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