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The airport in Kenner, where it's 85. It feels like 93 on the North Shore, where it's actually 83 in slide down WWL traffic from the be over. Chief of the medical traffic center Josh Woodhouse, coming in the West Bank of the connection breakdown, clear to the upslope of the bridge there. They're slow down slowly getting better. It was backed up around General de Gaulle. All fairies running normally there. If you're coming in from the plots on I 10 spillway bridge traffic moving steady all the way across the Kenner headed the other way. Westbound on I 10 right towards the end of the spillway Bridge. Stop vehicle on the right shoulder mile marker to 12 through Metarie on I 10. Looking good there through the parish line into downtown. Traveling in from the east on the interstate. No delays at the high rise and on the Causeway Bridge. You've just got some roadwork headed north bound. That's in the left lane at mile Marker 15. Traffic brought to you by Napa. Traffic tip called W B l 504 to 6. Owen. Thank you, Joshua. I'm Dave Cohen with one more stories. We get back to Tommy Tucker, now on WWL. Hotels across the country are hurting because

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