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But I by favorite news of the Jews item this week, and a little bit tricky in its own right facebook prank tricks thousands into thinking that back to the future actors Israeli couple from the nineteen fifties now unsurprisingly to those of you who have listened to me at all, I love the movie back to the future I think it's one of the great works of art ever made and I was so excited to see this piece from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency last week, thousands of Jews in Israel and beyond responded to a plea for help in identifying A. A couple pictured in a yellow and photograph nineteen fifty-five, a guy named Ariel Plotnik, forty-three-year-old tourism salesperson from far Saba wrote in both Hebrew and Spanish in a facebook post. Hey, everyone I need help. I found this picture. A Tel Aviv street I want to return this beautiful photograph. If you share it, maybe we can find the owners and the Post God's shared all over creation and a slightly altered picture of Crispin Glover and Leah Thompson playing George and Lorraine. Nick fly in the flashback sequence, which is most of the movie back to the future so this? Some people got it. Some people said Oh my God. That's the Nick flies. It turns out that Plotnik was just it was just goofing. He didn't think that people would actually think it was a lost is really couple by the way little known fact day survived the Holocaust by getting into a delorean in Krakow can. They went back and killed him. A. Baby Hitler and so everything about this story is basically like Jews. Love Genealogy right now so much that people here I like people thought that they like could identify who had identify who these people were from Polish town, and it Kinda shows how. I guess how Gullible. Sometimes we are on the Internet. There's MC fleiss scenes from Tennessee by. Knows that it's funny, 'cause I always thought the Israelis loved Seinfeld more than anything, but I guess they also love to the future, but it turns out that Crispin Glover and Leah Thompson are not the only eighties actors in the news of the Jews. This week's Stephanie Ellwood. One of you like to catch up on the a writer. Mel Gibson Contretemps. I would be happy to so. So, basically Mel Gibson over the years. We've heard some like pretty horrible things that he said when he got stopped for drunk driving in I, think two thousand five. He said like the Jews control everything Jews make all the wars which was like a very weird thing to suddenly say your call. The the female arresting officer sugar to you will never fail to remind us The basically winona. Ryder didn't interview recently with the Sunday Times and someone had asked her does she experienced anti-semitism in Hollywood and she sort of had a few examples and one of them was basically you know she was at a party with Mel Gibson, and he said something homophobic to a friend of hers who was with her, and then he looked at her, and she's Jewish and said you're not an oven dodger are. An oven dodger is like a horrible and also like very very retro like an old school antisemitic insult the idea that you dodged ovens in the Holocaust degree. The oven dodger is he's not just resorting. It's not like you're not one of those sheens, are you? You're not a Heeb the curatorial aspect of it in what cigar filled back room in his weird little sect. Sect of Trad Catholocism were they thinking of new and interesting things to call Jews and who was it who, after the third brandy, said oven dodger. That's the thing you come up with it three in the morning after you've been working on it all night so okay. You're calling someone in oven dodger, so you acknowledge that there were ovens that people like you actually. It's it's a totally messed up thing to say, but it acknowledges the Holocaust and acknowledges something that actually a lot of Holocaust deniers deny that. Mindset that says like Hitler didn't kill any Jews, but if he did it's only because all of them deserved it, and he was a wise man, right like it's which is it and then of course Gibson denies all of this and says that she's like has a vendetta against him or something like that. WINONA Ryder did not make up a lie about Mel Gibson, in which he called her an oven dodger that that came from life, not from her sick twisted Jewish mind right sue guys would now be a good time for me to a mounted Defensive Mel Gibson God. Cool, are we in that stay? No better go for it first of all. If we have arrived so deep in the analysis of canceled culture, in which everyone is canceled in, people really should be cancelled. Aren't canceled in everything is just. It's like Jakobsen fiery mess. I'm just going to go with the people I generally enjoy and pay no attention to what it is at the actually said, or did and Mel, Gibson I genuinely fricking, enjoy Mel Gibson and here's why I enjoy Mel Gibson I enjoy Mel. Gibson not despite but because of the things that you just said I like my anti-semites raw i. don't like the Mike. You're Kinda country like you. Oven Dutcher Vatican two was ally, and you killed Christ. That is my variety of Anti Semite that my friend is commitment to the pursuit of the hatred of Jews and choose. We should appreciate that someone took so much time to actually come up with the theology of why they hate us. This is not casual. You're like honored like. Self Hating. We all are that were like they took the time to like to figure out why they hated us. It's also painting. Nemesis have a serious nemesis. Don't have some like casual. We'll you know according to intersectional? You guys like I. Don't want that I want like you killed Jesus, and the Holocaust never happened as like sir. Now, the game is a except to say like. Mel Gibson so creepy and so disgusting, and like visually he's just like so leathery at this point that I'm like you actually are the lead of a horror movie and what you're going to do is just like haunt my nightmares I feel like this deserves deeper inspection and I'd like to go very philosophical and say that in all canceled culture decisions about antisemites. You're either John Cusak or a Mel. Mel Gibson I personally don't enjoy mega movies much at all I guess. The early lethal weapon was fine. There was a kind of joy to braveheart, though I don't really WanNa Watch it again, but John cusack. Of course you know I. Mean Better off dead. Say Anything Grosse Pointe Blank I mean there are few more important actors in the Canon. He so essential to my life, and he of course periodically tweet stuff that does cross the Line A. Genteel anti Zionism right over into antisemitism. So just a recent example. He tweeted the antisemitic mean that shows a hand stamped with the Star of David. Squashing a bunch of people down and has the quote under it to learn who rules over you simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize now. I have no interest in cancelling John. I'll just be perfectly honest cancer. I mean I want his movies to still be shown on cable networks I want him to be brought out of formaldehyde periodically for a new movie I. Want my daughter to memorize. Say anything like I can't really envision a generative fruitful life going forward without John Q., Cusak art in it. However I'd throw Mel Gibson under the bus. Because I think movies are not that good and. And Lake he calls people of dodgers, but I know that you're not there with me. You would do the reverse. You know what you should do I think we should do like carbon tax credits, I think we each get like five like anti Semitic points that we get to spend on. Actors aren't detainers. It'd be really like, and then we could just trade like I'll give you John cusack I could do without you know. Say Anything, but GIMME lethal weapon, 'cause. It's a frigging awesome movie. This very very confusing and I will say I. Don't agree with I. Appreciate the time. Munich parsing of celebrity, antisemitic. Mattis. Had that we're doing that important work

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