Headspace: Ep. 234



I don't know if this is a summer episode or not feels summary. This is an orthodontic universe leading Jewish podcast. I'm your host mark. Alvin Heimer joined by two other hosts, the regular other host. The CO hosts tablet deputy editor, Stephanie Neck Hello and the editor at large Liel Liebowitz. The other other host other host this week on Unorthodox. We bring you an episode. That's been in the works for a long long time and that I feel is actually going to really hit the sweet spot for. For a lot of people at a time when we're all sort of saying, what is our most authentic self? What is our relationship to the universe How do we really look inwards for who we want be and what our deepest values are, and the reality is that for some people not for all people, but for some people one avenue to that kind of introspection to that kind of spiritual engagement is psychedelic drugs. And we've been working for quite some time on a special. Look at Jews and Psychedelia, so here's where I should say that if you are worried about listening to a podcast that speaks of drugs, warmly and positively, or if your own recovery journey, maybe it would not be healthy for you to listen to such a podcast. You should skip this week's episode, but if you're intrigued to hear our take on how Jewishness might inform psychedelic use, or how psychedelic drugs in a Jewish context can help you grapple with spiritual and moral questions. Then I hope you'll stick with us because I think we have a pretty special episode for you. So here's what I'd like to I'd like to get the news of the juice. I I'd like to look outside of our basement studios and look at the world, and what's going on with Jews out there in the world, and then once we've covered that territory. I would like to look inwards and begin talking about Jews and PSYCHEDELIA. How does that work for You Stephanie? Only L., chill. Yes, once we've done talking about this. We'd like to put on a fish album. Stare at the wall. Get really groovy man like.

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