S13E14 Ace of spades - burst 05 - Edit 01 - EXPAND - 2020-07-02 - 16-30

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My own. We can control some of that machinery to add some reproducibility there as we can in the build services that exist either launchpad orange grated with. Get HOB. All as the self hosted. Build service now called FABRICA. It would be possible to implement that, but we've got big. Issues to solve the developers and publishers are asking for so. We'll get there someday, but it's not at the top list for sure right now. I feel like I'm doing is not gonNA. Convince anyone who's making this complied anyway. the final. Which is the thing that I personally? I actually agreed with. You can't put snap a different stole you can. There's no. Longer around to that again there's it's the whole paradigm. The mobile APP stores there is Google play does the. Apple APP store. That's why you get stuff from. This is one of the most powerful things that developers and publishers like because there is a single place age where they can find their audience, and their audience can find the software so eight say familiar paradigm for publishers and develop as an helped bring a number of people writing software in across platform, nature of so electron applications, being one example who can quite trivial bring their applications Lynn Desktop and publish it in a way. That is familiar to them because this is how they published their apps for the other platforms in in a similar way now. The other side of the seas. We didn't arrive at a single stole by

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