Walt Disney World in Florida set to reopen July 11, despite performers safety concerns


I'm Kim Masters, and this is the Hollywood breakdown joining me as my mentor Buddy Matt Bellamy and Matt I feel like we've had this conversation. We're where we will be having this conversation and the conversation is Hollywood in all of its manifestations desperate to reopen, and it's not on right now. It's not a thing that can happen and we've just had the governor of California close movie theaters bars are closed. Restaurants Dine in restaurants closed because of the surge and you know this push i. I understand that people want to work for, but there are things I. really don't understand like if people aren't ready. If it's not safe for people in being endorsed does not seem to be optimal to say the least right now. Then everybody is wishing to make it happen and I feel like the Disney I understand. Disney needs to get its parks open. But you know Disneyland for now here. In the L., A. Area is not going to happen for the receive. We don't know how. How long and they they still are talking about trying to open or in Orlando and there's blowback because they're actually saying that they are not planning to test some of the cast members and the actors equity. People are like. Excuse me. You're planning to test people if you go back to film production, why would you have people on a stage with no masks performing and no tests and I have to say. I don't know the answer to that question. No, it begs the question of. Of Why is it unsafe for Disneyland in California, but it's okay for Disney world, a larger more populous place than Anaheim to to open the services there so I just don't I don't get it. There's no it doesn't seem to be any coherence there and you know as far as the movie theaters go I mean looks like now. August is the new July because you saw these movies that were set to open in July being pushed to August Milan and tenant Christopher Nolan Film. In California movie theaters aren't even going to be allowed to open until at least August. New York has pulled back on. They had said that would be an opening so without New Yorker California. None of these movies is going to hit theaters and we're in this waiting game. I mean what's so crazy in a way as you know certain basics like wearing masks and. Distance, these are things that would enable these places to open I saw something. This past week saying that when the restaurants had opened the. Half of the ones that were inspected were not complying, so you can't complain that you want Your Business to open if you're not going to be super strict about compliance and we've seen it with sports leaks now. This one's going to start that one's going to start. And suddenly there's people testing positive. This is nowhere near under control going back to Walt Disneyworld in Florida where they're having a completely out of control surge, and the governor seems to be doing absolutely nothing to prevent it from going even getting even worse so. You can't studios can't live on nothing. People who work on these things can't live on nothing, but there's you know again and again I go back to the lack of federal leadership, but that is really where the problem originates unless and until there is. A We are, we stand out in the world. You Know Europe is doing better we we are the ones that are not able to get our arms around this at all, and it's not going to help this business. No and the interesting thing here is that production has restarted in countries like Budapest and New Zealand and even a little bit in the UK, and it's getting to the point now where I don't know if American actors and filmmakers are. are going to be able to go to those countries to participate in this filming because of the situation in the US and the outbreaks. So even if we're able to have a production restarted in different countries, it may be that we can't participate in that as Americans because of the absolute lack of control of the virus in this country. Yeah, they're not going to let Americans into Europe. We're not safe, so that's not addressed. They're not going anywhere. Thank, you Matt Thank you. That's felony former editorial director of the Hollywood reporter. He joins me this Monday at one thirty on the business. I'm Kim Masters and this is the Hollywood breakdown.

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