Remembering Owen Harries

Between The Lines


Not said I on the show Owen Harries Australia is a large continent to defend. It exists in a region characterized by a great deal of turbulence. As by far the most populous, powerful and wealthy country in the southwest Pacific it properly assumes responsibility stability in some of the smaller countries of the region which have serious problems. To meet these commitments. Australia spins under two percent of its Gross National Product on defense. It has an Army of only twenty five thousand men. In these circumstances for it to engage in serious military campaigns beyond its region, as well and to do so preemptively, and when it's not directly threatened is to leave itself open to the charge of being a cheap hawk, which is a dangerous and the responsible thing to be. Punching above one wait maybe a source of pride, but it is also hazardous and a form of activity best avoided. That was from the ABC boy elections in two thousand and three and the author Owen Harries who died last week at age ninety now. Harry's was a conservative Wilson Academic, a Cold war-era turn staunch of the war on terror led by the Bush, and how governments

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