A New Book Brings Melania Trump Into (Slightly) Better Focus


Where is First Lady melania trump when her husband is so often front and center a clearer picture emerges from correspondent Tracy Smith in our Sunday morning cover story I will fight to protect you I am here president of law and order recently while president trump was talking law and order they've got to get tougher got to get stops on First Lady melania trump was tweeting about healing and peace so it's voluntary I have to do it and back in April when you're hesitant trump declined to wear a facemask I don't think I'm going to be doing it his wife put one on and urged others to do the same these are not the recommended guidelines to keep us all safe okay it's not exactly a palace coup and some might say not nearly enough to keep her husband's more controversial actions in check but either way according to a new book melania trump has more influence than you might think this is very different than the narrative that some people have painted that she is trapped I hope makes a crazy to say she's poor melania trapped she's not she is smart independent she will decide what she wants to do and she doesn't want to do melania trump thank you very much hello Sir prize winner Mary Jordan is the author of the art of her deal published by Simon and Schuster a Viacom CBS company of course you asked to interview melania for this book what happened basically no reply the trumps both of them make people who are around them sign non disclosure agreements they also I've quickly learned told people that knew Malani when she was young which is model to not talk the White House dismisses the book as fiction but Jordan says that after several years and more than a hundred interviews a clearer picture emerged of a woman who grew up dreaming of a life far away from her native say it needs us Lavigne she's a girl who grew up in a really small town and couldn't wait to get out she told everyone that I mean everyone I talked to in Slovenia said she couldn't wait to get out of this town she wanted to be where the action is at first young melania wanted to study architecture but she was persuaded that modeling was a better option and she found success doing mostly print work in Europe and later in New York City she what Donald Trump in two thousand five became a US citizen in two thousand six and eventually sponsored her mother and father Amalie and Victor to be U. S. citizens as well and how about chain migration about

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