Meghan & Harry's New Book a Mistake?

Daily Pop


Prince Harry has US wherever you want to call it. The People's Prince he gave Meghan the opportunity to be a reluctant says. He gave her unlimited. 'cause SERVANTS ESTATES UNLIMITED WAR DRIVES? And you know what it still wasn't enough. No I don't I don't disagree boy. That's a hurry people's prints. I want to support him. I want to support him with her. But I just feel like it's a little soon even though it's coming out in August for them to come out with semi tell all or a book dispelling any rumors. They haven't even settled. It settled into their new lives here in La. They've just moved to Beverly Hills. They are flying private again. I feel like this is definitely a new couple than what we originally were seen. And I just feel like I don't know I it just too soon like like settle into your life and figure it out and then maybe come out as whoever it is you want to be. I don't know

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