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Kanye West refuses to push his own elevator buttons


Let's talk about Kanye West former bodyguard talking about working with Gonyea saying that he wouldn push his own elevator buttons on his first day. So this is what he says he was doing an interview on a podcast and he says so we get into the elevator and Connie says. Aren't you gonNA push what floor we're going to? And his bodyguard says while I have no idea what four. It's my first day so Connie starts ranting and raving. He says you didn't call ahead and find out what we're supposed to be going to. And he says no so. He's stopped and he says to. Kinda look we can do this one of three ways you can tell me what button press and I'll know you press the button and I'll see where we're going so I'll know are you can sit here all day and tell me how important your time is. And we're not GONNA go anywhere. He went with option. How crazy. I'm sure they know

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