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Live from NPR news in Washington I'm churning Herbst


Churning Herbst in Minnesota the state's democratic governor has reached an agreement with faith leaders on the partial re opening of houses of worship Matt sepic of Minnesota public radio has more after Minnesota retailers were allowed to reopen this week the church leaders said it continued ban on in person services defied reason following you CDC guidance governor Tim walls is allowing religious gatherings of up to two hundred fifty people or twenty five percent of the building's capacity whichever number is smaller wall says he made the change after discussions with Twin Cities archbishop Bernard Hebda and Lutheran leaders public health requirements throughout time have required us collaborate together that we are our brother's keeper in this case the rules which take effect this Wednesday also allow funerals and weddings but not receptions afterward for NPR news I'm Matt sepic in Minneapolis New York governor Andrew Cuomo says two more regions of the state could enter phase one of re opening next week those are a diorio from member station WSHU has more the

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Live from NPR news in Washington I'm churning Herbst

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