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Trump campaign capitalizes on Biden's remarks


The fallout continues over comments made this week by former VP Joe Biden about African American voters vice president Joe Biden walked back his comments after criticism it sounds like he's taking for granted the very population that propelled him to the position of likely nominees if you have a problem figuring out what you're for me here trump and you ain't black backlash was swift from liberal activists black community groups and trump allies alike the president's campaign is reportedly planning a million dollar ad blitz highlighting the remarks and focusing on buying support for the nineteen ninety four crime bill which led to disproportionate incarceration among black people Biden's comments come at the perfect time for the trump campaign was been courting black support a recent fox news poll shows just fourteen percent of African Americans have a favorable view of trump versus seventy five percent look at biting favorably Parsons Jacqui Heinrich Biden also continuing to battle allegations of sexual assault against the former

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Trump campaign capitalizes on Biden's remarks

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