SpaceX, NASA give final 'go' for historic astronaut launch


The first test launch of Richard Branson's virgin orbit rockets fails Joe later reports the virgin orbit is supposed to be a rocket with a cargo of small satellites that rocket carried by a Boeing seven forty seven then propelled into space virgin did a test launch Monday the jet called cosmic girl took off from the Mojave air and space port north of Los Angeles and flew out just be on the Channel Islands the rocket was dropped from beneath the left wing of the job just like it was supposed to but NASA says the mission was soon terminated due to an anomaly no word on what the problem was version says the flight crew returned safely and they've got six more rockets under construction of pick up the mantle and try try again meantime tomorrow is the day to NASA astronauts fly commercial spacecraft up to the international space station marking a return of space flight for the U. S. here's Evan brown NASA and its contractors SpaceX the Elon musk company if made final checks of the crew dragon space capsule that two astronauts are expected to ride in tomorrow **** norm knight is the deputy director of the Johnson Space Center in Houston everything was ready to go and it turned out that it turned out very well we're very happy with that and and again looking forward to going forward Bob banking and Doug Hurley will be the first to ride aboard the so called space taxi the last humans to launch from U. S. soil were in twenty eleven tomorrow's launch is scheduled for just after four thirty PM

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