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Corey Seager, Aaron Boone And Daschle discussed on WGR Programming


Middle to open the game Corey Seager just struck out looking as we head back to minute maid park alongside Aaron Boone here's Daschle for one on one out here's Justin shorter again as mentioned he's of the DH spot tonight he was hit by a hard hit a ball off the bat of Barbara Gonzales last night hit on the inside of the left calf and he is wearing a guard on the inside of his knee and calf extends right up to the base of his B. as he takes a fastball down the middle first round Dave Roberts was asked if this game had a bit of the nationally park if it'd been back in LA with her a bit of a light over the answer was yes but since they have the luxury of having it be a cheer Turner DH is foresight to third poll percent get it second charges two for sixteen of the World Series as we all want to stay out of the way but one of those hits you get a home run off tackle back it gave one the Taylors delivers one down here at the top of the first they had what we expect to be potentially an epic pictures battle between Dallas Crichel and plate Herschel staring down the rudders cargo Taylor not going in the water went down low ball too and so far and it's very early the Dodgers are not doing a lot of chase L. which is critical as you talked about Michael's a master at working the edges work in the periphery of the strike zone and that's going to be one of the games within the game and they grind out these at bats candy lay off those pitches that Michael wants you to swing it the more you could do that the more chance you see a mistake at some point to one bounce dead.

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Corey Seager, Aaron Boone And Daschle discussed on WGR Programming

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