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Governor Murphy, Blasi And New York City discussed on WCBS Programming


To get to a door dining sooner than later and it does not yet include guidance on graduations I'm hopeful that early week we can offer guidance on outdoor graduations governor Murphy also announced a projected ten billion dollar loss in state revenue over the next year Matt Rosenberg WCBS newsradio eight eighty if you were planning to go to a city beach this holiday weekend well you can hang out on the sand but you won't be allowed in the water W. CBS reporter rich land with a look at the changes there to Blasi says when you arrive at a beach access point in New York City they'll be teams a city personnel there reminding people of the standards were holding giving out the free face coverings counting how many people going on the beach checking to make sure that there is the right number of people we don't see any crowding on the beach we don't see any crowding on the boardwalk the mayor says once on the beach you may walk or hang out in a chair socially distanced from others he says you must wear a face covering and you cannot go into the water that's when parts of Parnell step in if needed PD will step in and there will be vehicles constantly reminding people no swimming no barbecuing no sports the mayor says he believes new Yorkers have the message and that it will work out but if not we have the option of doing something more strict which is not what I want to do and we could put up fencing and close off the beach is entirely the Blasi emphasizes that is not his goal rich lam WCBS newsradio eight eight ounce twelve thirty five W. CBS president trump wants to houses of worship to reopen saying if governors don't he will over ride down on the president's comments with CBS's Tom voting as a way some of us get out of the house to go to places and things that are now open this first long weekend of the summer season president trump wants churches and other houses of worship to be among them I call upon governors to allow our churches and places of worship to open right now there if there's any question they don't have to call me but they're not to be successful in that call we sort of governors don't open churches he would override them the White House offered no constitutional or legal authority for Mr trump to do that Tom forty CBS news Washington it's twelve thirty six will always be on the radio it eighty A. M. you can also stream us on your smartphone with the radio dot com app your.

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Governor Murphy, Blasi And New York City discussed on WCBS Programming

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