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Recognizing how difficult it's been for everybody


Conversation the extent that the state of California can service died gap recognizing how difficult it's been for everybody to procure PP that is exactly what we have done governor Newsom insists the eighty six million and counting new surgical masks obtained by the state are flown into the business sector but we've heard from small business owners that sanitizer and other gear they need to meet the new guidelines are still hard to come by still Newsome intends to release hair and nail salon guideline sometime next week and rules for tribal casinos to reopen the week after that Doug sunburn KCBS the longer the shelter in place order remains in effect the more difficult T. it's getting for children who are out of their normal routines KCBS is Jennifer Hodges a tells us it creates a somewhat challenging balancing act for moms and dads some parents say their kids used to be excited about assume session with their teacher now not so much some refusing to get out of bed should parents be concerned I don't think it's worth over reacting in saying that it's catastrophe but sometimes a little bit of structure is way more helpful than no structure and I know as appearance there's a tendency to go to one extreme or the other doctor Peterson Ross is a professor and clinical psychologist at the university of Virginia the doctor says depression can look different in kids than it does in adults in being aggressive or

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Recognizing how difficult it's been for everybody

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