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Amanpour: Amy Walter, Jack Saul, Dr. Helene Gayle and Anglique Kidjo - burst 2



Think enough alone to elect donald trump and it is not necessarily the issue that is going to sink. Donald trump either the biggest challenge that the president has in his always had is being disciplined enough to get that message through. If you remember the twenty eighteen election's Republicans who were on the ballot that year senators members of Congress. They were desperate for the president to talk about the economy to talk up the economy and make the race a referendum on the economy. That wasn't necessarily what the president wanted to do. The culture war peace the immigration peach piece attacking. Democrats was much more interesting. And it's the stuffy took to rallies and on his twitter feed and it was Democrats who were very organized and disciplined and made the race not just a referendum on Donald Trump and on healthcare. So I kind of expect to see this going forward. The president is going to try at some point to talk about. He's the one who can bring the economy back. He has the know how and in fact polls do show that he still is seen positively on his handling of the economy but voters are have to make a choice here and time and time again. What they seem to be saying is despite the fact that they thought the economy was good. They weren't giving their vote to Donald. Trump. Not all of them were giving their vote to Donald Trump and when the economy is bad they may not blame Donald Trump for the crash of the economy. But they're not necessarily looking to give him credit. If the economy comes back it's really much more at referendum on who he is than what he's doing

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Amanpour: Amy Walter, Jack Saul, Dr. Helene Gayle and Anglique Kidjo - burst 2

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