Ingrained Injustice - burst 06

TED Radio Hour


In fact, I'd actually just started at Ted Right before this conference, but I was in the room for it as well and I. Remember feeling like Wow. He has articulated this feeling that I i. think for so long especially I'm a black woman and I think a lot of people in the black community always had this sense of all. The headlines The words that are using the news. You say that. Someone was looting. In certain instances, and not in others, depending on who is the person performing the act, and for him to paint that so clearly I think I felt that that was really powerful. Yeah, he also sort of at one point. He says that he's you know. He went to the right schools. He semi famous. done very well has every privilege he could have, and yet he walks around and fear because he knows that someone seeing him as a threat could be a threat to his life and for some of us. Sadly, that's unfathomable. For me, it feels even unfathomable to me when I'm inside right when I feel safe here on, and he doesn't mention this in his his talk, but there is something that we call the talk and the black community, which is specifically this idea that you sit your children down at a young age, and if you talk to them about the dangers that they face by doing, some of these things bear described by living out in the world, because people are threatened and by by your existence.

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