Protesters topple another Confederate statue in Virginia state capital


In Richmond Virginia last night the statue of Jefferson Davis was torn down the statue of the president of the confederacy was toppled shortly before eleven PM and was on the ground about eighty miles away in Portsmouth Virginia protesters beheaded and then pulled down four statues that were part of a Confederate monument the crowd was frustrated by the Portsmouth city council's decision to put off moving the monument the death of George Floyd is prompted similar Confederate monument removals around the nation some people say the tributes inappropriately glorify people who led a rebellion that sought to uphold slavery others say the removal amounts to a racing history in Portsmouth Virginia a protester was hit in the head as that monument fell he was taken to the hospital and in Saint Paul Minnesota protesters tore down the statue of Christopher Columbus outside the state capitol and in our nation's capital house speaker Nancy Pelosi is calling for the removal of nearly a dozen Confederate statues from the halls of Congress

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