Los Angeles County Votes To Initiate Plan To Close Men’s Central Jail Within The Year


Board of Supervisors has approved emotion to develop a plan to close men's central jail within a year. The idea of shutting down the aging facility is something they've been considering for years. Supervisor Sheila Cule. Then central jail is outdated. It is crumbling. It is really dangerous. Sheriff Alex Villanueva said They had a plan to demolish men's central jail and replace it with another facility, But the board rejected it. He then listed the inmates currently in the county's jail system for felonies, including murder and domestic violence. You tell me how safe you think you're going to be. With them out there in the community. It was noted, however, that this is not about releasing dangerous criminals. It's about seeking a different way forward to implement the county's vision of CareFirst jails. Last the motion direct a working group convened by the sheriff's Department and the Office of Diversion and reentry to consult with an array of others to report back on what would need to be taken into account in order to close men's Central Jail. Margaret

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