Phase 1 Renovations Begin On Boston City Hall Plaza


Boston City Hall Plaza is getting a major makeover. The city broke ground on a $70 million renovation project Easy. Suzanne Sausage has more. This is the people's process. And if it's the people's Plaza mayor Wall says that means everyone. Khun, Go there. We heard from thousands of Bostonians. They told us that they want this place to be a place where the whole community gather. The renovations include a new civic building on Congress Street with a public bathroom and city counselor Ed Flynn says, With this month being the 30th anniversary of the D A. It's the perfect time to make sure the plaza is accessible to people with disabilities. Time like the present to do something to make changes that should have been done a long time ago. The renovations are expected to be done within two years. Suzanne Saz Vale W. B Z Boston's news

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