Hospitalizations and coronavirus deaths spike in hot spots nationwide


New infections in Florida, Texas, Arizona and California pushed the US past three million confirmed cases today in Florida. The death toll is rising and intensive care units are overflowing in Arizona, people are now waiting upto 13 hours to be tested. Getting results could now take days due to backlogs. And in this cove, it ward in McAllen, Texas, where CS News was given exclusive access today, doctors there say they are being pushed to the brink. As we come on the air. We're also learning. A nursing home near Fort Worth, has been evacuated after 1/3 of residents there have tested tested positive. positive. CBS's CBS's David David beg beg No No is is going going to to lead lead off off our our coverage coverage tonight tonight in in South South Florida. Florida. Good Good evening, evening, David. David. Good Good evening, evening, nor nor were were in in Broward Broward County, County, and and we just heard that here in the county, they are increasing their fines and penalties against people who are not following rules and regulations were at Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood. 30 yards away from where I am. There is only what I could describe is a drive through covert receiving some you pull up, a nurse greets you brings you inside this tented area and immediately starts the triage process. The numbers are going up significantly the past few weeks. Dr. Randy Katz says the emergency Department here at Memorial Hospital in Hollywood is the busiest. It's been since the covert outbreak began. There's no doubt that this virus is just a deadly now as it was three months ago, and we're seeing more patients come into the hospital, more patients with infection and more patients with complications from this virus as numbers rise across the state. North of of Orlando. Orlando. In In Volusia Volusia County County Sheriff Sheriff Mike Mike Chitwood Chitwood says says his his local local health health department department has has stopped stopped telling telling him him how how many many people people are are infected infected in in his his county. county. It's It's unconscionable unconscionable because because if you give the American people the information that they need, we can make informed decisions. Meanwhile, hospitalizations and deaths in other hot spots. Continue to skyrocket. On Tuesday, Texas broke its single day record reporting just over 10,000 new cases. Arizona has fewer than 150 I seeyou beds left in the entire state. In California. At least 100 people have died from the virus for the third day in the past week at today's White House Task Force briefing, Dr Deborah Burke's made this plea use the phase coverings not going to bar is not going to endure dining. But really not gathering in homes. I, their mandate to wear masks continues to outrage. Some people, this man was reportedly asked to put on a mask a Costco in Fort Myers, Florida. He has since been fired from his job in an insurance agency. Meanwhile, more cities and state officials are making face coverings mandatory. Including in New Jersey and Atlanta. This kid woke up with a smile on its face. Pastor David Settles from Tennessee knows firsthand what it's like to lose someone to covert 19. His 30 year old son, Darius, died Saturday, four days after he was diagnosed. He is urging people to wear masks. Somebody gave it to him. And I bet you if they had known I'll give it to this young man and he'll die, they would have done differently. David beg No, thank you. And

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