Essentially acquitted of the murder charge and convicted of manslaughter


Earlier this year, the United States Supreme Court and Ramos vs Louisiana held that That attend to verdict non unanimous verdict violates the amendment's right to trial by jury. So Mr Gases case was on direct review, and he got the benefit of that new opinion, and yesterday the fifth Circuit sent it back to the trial court for a new trial. So what does this mean in terms of other people that have been convicted? By non unanimous Juries in the timeline of the new law. How is all of that fit into this? Yeah, that remains to be seen Reason why Ronald got a new trials because we raised that students and I raise that issue on director of you while his case was still on appeal. All those people who are in jail and it could be thousands of them across the state. Who whose convictions were final before the Supreme Court's recent decision have a much more difficult road to hoe and the U. S. Supreme Court's going to take up Probably next year when Whether the ray most decision is going to be retroactive to all people in jail. That's a big question, and no one really could guess the answer to that. Is Mr Gasa in jail right now? And how long has he been incarcerated? Total. Here. He is in jail and hunt facility near Gonzalez. And he has been in jail. Since his arrest. He has never been

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