Ron Rivera, Jerry And Norv Turner discussed on The Kevin Sheehan Show


Know constant issues that have kept them off the field so to me. It doesn't seem the way to to go I think they're going to go from this guy, but I keep looking at a guy like a Jerry's right nothing flashy sort of your. You're sort of maybe slightly better version of like Brian. Quick you know better and say solid in this case the. The guy that's played under the under norv Turner. He's played under Ron Rivera he knows the system. He's The guy who can mentor the kids like to me. I look for that kind of guy obviously need to give away and hats as much as possible, but simultaneously you can't have nothing in there. That's potentially going to mess things up. There's already enough going on so I. I would feel from those things. I don't know if that's what they would think if Rivera making the call I would. I would probably think he would agree with my take, but you know. We'll we'll say. Jerry's right for those that don't know is a former Carolina. Panther and I don't even know how old he is at this point. You know I when I was last night. When when I saw the news about Harmon I was looking at some of the receivers who are still out there and unsigned You know a veteran like Chris. Hogan is still available I. Believe I think Taylor. Gabriel is still out there I could be wrong about that Yeah, offered the Mary Thomas who you know he he's. He's a little. You know. He's obviously a pro bowl. Talent. mean he's had some some of his own issues, but I think. His football, she was just like you know his his skills of have faded, and he is definitely that league right now, but he is the type of guy where you could sorta. Sell it on a little bit of the name, and also the experience factor that could help people involved, but yeah I mean there's there's some guys out there I. Just I don't think you need to go get. Antonio Brown and you just need to get somebody who solid who help the hall path,

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