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Of the lowly law firm. In the past 15 years, I have recovered tens of millions of dollars for Austin residents who have been injured in car crashes. If you've been in a car crash, give me a call today. I will personally handle your case and get you the money that you deserve. Call me at 5122800 805 122800 800 or find me on the Web it lo e law firm dot com Ele o e W Y. The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority in partnership with a text that is constructing three flyovers of the convergence of the 2 90 toll road in S H 1 32 major facilities together North non est H 1 30 drivers wishing to take advantage of the new flyover Toa less bound to 90. Told we'll use the newly opened exit for 37 Be located right there at the Blue Bluff Road exit. You know, driver's with an active Elektronik toll tag will save about 30%. Learn more at mobility authority dot com. That's mobility authority dot com. 8 45 and a check on traffic. Now here's Melinda Freeways for the most part, looking pretty good. We do have one reported collision over itself. Congress and Sheraton Avenue. I'm Melinda Brant with Austin's on time traffic,

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