Alex Winter. What's up, man?


You right now, and I'll tell you the world could use could use what you are doing now, perhaps more than ever. And I say that both with the return of Bill and Ted, which will get into but also the documentary is so fascinating because as more more people are talking about shows that that are cursed, right, there's all this Is this show? Cursed is the cast cursed your your documentary looks into Can you be a child actor? And can you grow up and live a normal life? Is that even a possible thing to dio? Yeah. I mean, I came up with a child actor and its experience, but I really wanted to see Um, you know, brought to life I've never really seen the nuances of that experience brought to life. I really wanted to go back to the silent era. Start there and really dig in from the first person. Let people talk about their experiences from Some silent movies up to these Disney kids with 80 trillion instagram followers. You know, how do you navigate that world and you know, because I navigated that I had

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