Moderna stock surges 17% on coronavirus vaccine trial news



Going to start with the stock of the Dan. That's MODERNA. Because MADERNA's shares up in the neighborhood of like ten twelve percent after the company said they're Covid, nineteen vaccine candidate produced a robust response. That's their word. Robust it all forty five patients that were involved in an early study. Encouraging News Emily. I'm sure that's why we're seeing. The reaction. In the stock I will point out that at the end of this month. Modern is going to be doing a much bigger trial. They're gonNA. Start a trial with thirty thousand people so hopefully, the results of that test are just as encouraging. But what did you make of this news? There is a lot to unpack year. This study with forty five patients, which to your point. Robust Immune response and producing antibodies that could prevent or at least counter the spread of this new covid. It started to come out, and it's a phase one study, so don't read much into it, but it is promising not just for investors, but for humankind that we may be making some progress on the Front for creating a corona virus vaccine, but what's really important to remember with these earnings is or Is that this is the first covert vaccine to be tested human, so we're very early stage here. This is just a phase one study. The big big dog is as you mentioned towards the end of July. There's going to be likely some face three tests moving forward where they're going to test this vaccine at upper thirty thousand people. That's going to be a lot more informative for investors and more importantly for everybody. As to whether or not, this vaccine really has to veracity to be the preventative measure that we've all been looking for.

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