Against the people of Hong Kong.


Actions. Against the people of Hong Kong. US. Sailors have isolated fire board the USS Bonhomme Rashard down the last two areas of the ship. It's docked in San Diego. Top Navy officials say they could have it extinguished in the next 24 hours, about 400 sailors working to put that fire out, including fire departments from the area helicopters. All trying to get that fire out, could see some movement as soon as next week on the next round of federal Kobe 19 air stimulus checks. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says he'll begin to roll out details soon back locally. Chicago's top health official Doctor Allison or Woody, give Chicagoans a good grade. On following restrictions aimed at lowering spread of the Corona virus, she tells wg andro con the city is seeing a slight uptick and new daily imp actions We had Such fantastic progress here in Chicago and where I look back to where we are, compared, Teo, you know, early May or early June. We have made very good progress. And broadly, we've means pain that progress. The concern is that we are seeing numbers. Uh, start just creep up a little bit here, and they're going up much more dramatically all around us both sort of in from other parts of the state in some of the state's around us and then certainly in some of the state's further afield and where we do that. It's kind of not in the bubble.

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