Michigan governor: Husband was trying 'failed attempt at humor'


Well while the governor was publicly telling cooped up residents to stay inside her husband allegedly urged in up north business to get his boat into the water in time for the Memorial Day weekend the governor talked about it on Tuesday doubled up Jay's John Hewitt with more governor Gretchen Whitmer said she felt compelled to use her news conference Tuesday to address the social media firestorm over comments made by her husband mark yes she says he did ask a northern Michigan marine operator if his marriage to the governor would help him get their boat in the water faster ahead of others for the recently completed Memorial Day holiday weekend but she said the comment was quote a failed attempt at humor Webber also used the moment to address what she called the personal attacks she continues to receive saying this crisis is not about her and never has been I'm not likening my experience of that of someone who is mourning the loss of a loved one for their business or their job that's why precisely we have to get this right because none of us not one of us ever wants to go through this again with a

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