Weather outlook for SpaceX launch continues to improve


SpaceX launches NASA astronauts into orbit for a flight to the international space station let's find out from accu weather meteorologist Danielle middle if the weather's going to cooperate so how's it looking well the conditions for the SpaceX launch do look to be a little bit questionable here for the afternoon hours as we are going to see pop up showers and thunderstorms across central and eastern Florida especially as we do move into the afternoon hours looks like that activity will likely starts to pick up after about two to three PM so unfortunately it looks like we'll start to see things getting going closer as again we move towards large just after four thirty but if things do look a clear around Cape Canaveral there still is going to be another concern which is conditions across the open waters of the Atlantic and we do have a tropical low that's going to be moving into the Carolinas today producing some locally heavy rainfall but showers and thunderstorms will still be trailing behind that low over the open waters of that will be another factor in the decision for this

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