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Signs Bitcoin May Be Ready


Tell you what is There's opportunity out there are. There's a lot a lot of fantastic opportunities available right now if you haven't already the need to get across to my youtube page right. It's just just google so I just try to call. I just a video On the actual contract list for FDA at still going on their rotten apple the time you get this it will be up the you can say some of the options on the FDA spiritual contract. Which are you can also say can register for an account there and get ten percent off you. Try to envision the description bit and I'll show you how to Rizal your role as a lots of stuff at all in the description. Ha but I mean they're awesome the rousing good options coming up on this enrichment trading against Bitcoin as well a man of got. I've got one a three full full full. Try to diner. Bitcoin LOOKING FOR EIGHT. Move to the upside. Then it's just a spot market to you know I'm not I'm not even talking to Imagining that's case. I'm just looking at the spot. Mark The we do have some very very nice Options vital because I want to take you through. What's going on right now across the top ten now. Bitcoin look at. It was decided that I like like honestly. It was just so undecided. A just was horrible. I mean look Closed in our guy or the actually close one hull and it closed for into ever down point. Six percent of close at eight thousand eight hundred thirty six. So what does it mean? What does it mean what does it mean? Well I tell you what it does mean what it could mean. What am I being that? Indecisiveness can often lead to a change of direction. It can't because it doesn't try to go down as a member done anything. But I'll tell you what I'm watching and you want to write this down the the level. Actually you can save on Youtube video so you can actually watch on talking to. You are now if we can get above from Willie on now. Okay so just caveat if we can get above from where we are now we just keep going up. Get above nine thousand nighttime. We'll have ourselves Ohio Ohio. Honda will be on the four hour chop a love. That four outshot man. It's just as important as the daily to me because I use that to Ghana What's going on is low to mid timeframes wiser use the daily for that big picture momentum as well so we get a reversal trending four realistically from nine thousand and ten thousand. Roughly around with that resistance is we got two thousand bucks. We get an uptrend. Hey Hey try again on margin a love driving and the starting to creep into today if we can get bitcoin back into that four hour uptrend. Gee Whiz we could be in for NAS. It'll move even if we just run back up to that resistance as plenty of spice. There's some pretty combat that I'm high paying a monthly to get it done in the next couple of days. Because I wouldn't expect to one day with what could happen. These markets could do very little for a little bit and then Bam off they go and they run doth like a know. A bullet dight Got That wrong was meant to say the design shut. The Guy was bolted. That could work. That ain't apologies for some pull. Use analogies they cry very bad A. I'm deeply sorry But four our up would be really really nice there on Bitcoin. We sitting right now. Point four percent one hour into the trading day a not much to say beyond that go to wet for that reversal theory. Did break down to new lows on that four. So it's not in the same position as we're two hundred very messy very sideways above two hundred to one four now yes. That'd be closed down. One point five six percent just above two hundred two hundred ninety one dollars. X. Pay Agai leadership that four foyer all. It does have a high alert. It's very similar. Bitcoin So a guy wanting to see a break above the level of high is nineteen. Point seven cents. That's the level of reluctancy. Move Away from very ugly looking on the daily I. It's not really looking all that great to be honest with you. It's looking we'll bearish bullish. Guidance is is pretty decisive. Guys the low. It's a one point sir Point that would put us into a much stronger. Downturn not there at the mine. Bitcoin cash yesterday closed at two hundred twenty dollars on the noise. Down one percent. A guy you know look at this four hour timeframe we do have higher low. The will we push to a high hot well. Only time will tell to twenty five right now. Bitcoin cash. Vs they probably. The best will not probably the best of the mid-term timeframe downtrends BS phase. One Eighty One. Seventy six point nine percent right now of yesterday It did closed down nearly three percent close at one point two seven Pointing back that cradles actually gives us an option for a short tried lighter if if the market does attend some pretty happy to have that option available mom being long or short. I just want to make sure of options lot coin. Yesterday was down one point. Six percent closing forty two dollars and twenty five cents just across four our gang. We do have a high alert. I'm it's not the most bullish Johnson got to be ost. None of them really hard. The minute weddings that Jai Alai with only forty two dollars and fifty nine point three percent a US yesterday rejection catalysts off so it was down point. Non a percent closing rod around where we are right now to be fair closing at two dollars fifty and we are currently at two fifty that four out very similar just to push on higher. If we're going to do that or if we're GONNA go low I WANNA is get a main I wanna get below tweedles. Forty that would make me look much better to the downside bonds. While yesterday very slow I point nine percent. Dan Closing at sixteen dollars and twenty cents. Sixteen dollars and twenty seven cents. Not much to speak of to be honest I will. It rejected often old level that The set there about twenty two cents. It's looking at what nauseous actually for potential move to the upside the the daily although a little bit funny looking flat it hasn't really broken that up trend that it has been in for quite some time we do have a very clear high Every break up through the. Hi this New Five Point. Four three cents. That will have a speaking to an upturn in that will let the Pacino wrought now flat on the table. See what's causing stole. I as the day goes on there in classic. Six hundred seventy two point three percent right now. Yesterday it was down one point. Three four close at six seventy We need to get above the high here. And this is on the daily chart on talking till you six Tony to we get above six. Have that daily out. Trim back in

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