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Should social media outlaw falsehoods?



NERDS. At nerdwallet DOT com. I have two thoughts on Social Media. Today one is about misinformation. The other is the subject. We've talked a lot about here. Be careful with what you post because it can ruin your life. I'm Jefferson Graham. Yelena talking tech and we'll begin with the president. I really don't like to delve into politics here because the minute I open my mouth while I daily half the audience but here we go. Donald trump likes to mouth off on twitter. I think that's fair. Fair statement and he likes to say whatever crosses his mind without an editor to Raynham in sometimes. Those statements are flat out wrong but they stay up there as part of the public record lately he's been attacking. Msnbc host Joe Scarborough in claiming that he was to blame for our former staffer of his. Who DIED? The staffers family wrote an open letter to twitter. Ceo Jack Dorsey demanding that the tweet be taken down because it was untrue but as often the case with social media the platform refused. I believe because they don't want to get into a high profile battle with the White House. What a newsmaker a public figure can say but for the first time twitter did say that he would label. Trump's tweets alleging mail in ballots as fraudulent and direct users to get the facts through legit new stories a twitter spokesperson said the tweets contained quote potentially misleading information unquote and have been labelled as such as the Washington Post. Put it for. It's fourteen year existence. Twitter has allowed misinformation by world leaders in everyday citizens to spread virtually unchecked. It's leaders have long. Said that users would engage in debate on the platform and correct false information on their own. That didn't exactly work out because the false information just stays up there and many people take it as fat. What's your position folks? Should people be allowed to use facebook twitter and Youtube as places to say anything they feel like or should there be community standards? That are adhere to personally. I don't think social media should be the Cesspool I think editors are good thing I think if you're using social media to blow off steam you should have a draft to your post. Let it sit for a day and see how it reads the next day before going public because a post can ruin your life. Just ask Amy Cooper. She's the woman who declined to have her dog on a leash in central park and when asked to do so by a black band she declined as the conversation. Got More heated. She said that she was being threatened. And she would call the police and say that she was being threatened. By an African American he recorded the whole encounter and posted the video on facebook and twitter.

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