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McDonald's workers shot after telling customer dining area was closed


There was an Oklahoma woman who was so incensed that a McDonald's dining area was closed because of the corona virus pandemic she shot three teenage employees G. thirty two year old woman was arrested just seven on Wednesday night in Oklahoma City N. she came into the restaurant around six twenty was told by workers the dining area been closed for safety reasons like they are everywhere and she was forced out she wouldn't leave in fact she got into a physical altercation when they tried to get her out of there so she re entered the restaurant with a handgun fired about three rounds in their one employee shot in the arm one suffered a shrapnel wound in the shoulder area and another was struck in the side by shrapnel and the employee who fought with woody suffered a head injury during the altercation injuries or fortunately non life threatening but two of the employees were sixteen the other was eighteen and she needs to be in the slammer for a long long time that is unbelievable I mean what is her thinking it on there they're busting people for opening up the beauty salons and stuff like that I think people are losing it at this point so it's

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